My Future Plans

My goal now is to become a full time RVer traveling across North America. My plan is to in about a year to start this journey across the United States and then into Canada and Mexico to experience and see everything possible in the few weeks I’ll be in each destination.

I plan to share pictures and experiences on my blog and my other social media accounts. I hope you will enjoy it almost as much as I will being there and maybe get you thinking about becoming a full time traveler as well.

I am currently in the preparation stage of getting ready for this lifestyle like finding a source of income, what type of RV/ trailer I want to live in, and a truck to pull it. We are also gathering information about where we want to stay, how long we plan to stay there, and also what we can do around the area.

As the days go by the more and more my family and I get excited to begin our adventurous lifestyle!

I will be updating my readers as I come across new things while I am preparing for my next big adventure/ lifestyle.