A Little About Me (Past)

I have been fortunate enough to get the opportunities that I had have to travel and see and experience things most people will not.

I have traveled all across the United States since I was a child. It was normal for me to be packing up ready to move frequently to get ready for a cross-country move. Cross-country trips were and are still exciting to me because I would enjoy looking out of the window and seeing the different landscapes and the different environments people would live in and I would try to imagine would it be like to live in these different environments.

I have also been fortunate enough to spend time in Asia and experienced the many different cultures there and the different sceneries. Like Okinawa, Japan and Busan, South Korea. I definitely enjoyed these places and I would recommend any one interested to go.

I have been to six countries so far and most of the states. I do not plan to stop traveling anytime soon!