RV decision

There are many different layouts of RVs that have many different floor plans. Deciding on what you want and would be best for you depends on a few things; like how many people are going to be staying in the RV, utilities you would like to have, and of course budget.

To start there a different types of RVs like travel trailer, fifth wheel, and motor homes.

Travel trailers are typically on the lower side for price but are also smaller than the other types of RVs. There are plenty of different floor plans that are capable of fulfilling most of your needs and wants. They are also very convenient for travelers wanting to keep their vehicle throughout their travel. Also another great pro would it being light weight you do not have to worry to much about getting a big truck to be able to tow the travel trailer. I personally only found a handful that I thought fit my needs and wants. Also my personal opinion I do not like travel trailers do to the fact that they hook on to the hitch which does not provide much stability as a fifth wheel would, because I plan to do long distance traveling and constant travel, but besides that travel trailers would be great for someone doing short distance travel.

Fifth wheels vary on pricing from the lowest that I found for brand new was about $30,000 but they can go all the upwards to $200,000+ but it depends on your preferences. With fifth wheels that I have seen most floor plans are similar depending on typical categories of the floor plans but I noticed most floor plans came with all my needs and wants plus more. They are also convent like the travel trailers by keeping your vehicle along for your travels. The only down side in my opinion would be the weight and I currently do not have a vehicle capable of towing a fifth wheel. For example the fifth wheel that I am very interested in has a dry weight of about 13000 pounds, which is just the fifth wheels weight by itself. So I am looking for a truck that will be able to pull 15000 pounds or more so I can have a nice cushion even after moving all of my homey stuff inside. Space is also a big personal factor because I will have 5 people and two dogs total on our adventure, which a fifth wheel will have more than enough room for an RV to meet this requirement of mine, including storage and a bunk area for the kids.

Motorhomes have always peaked my interest growing up seeing them on the road constantly. Motorhomes are pretty up there on price usually but I understand why. They are pretty much ready to go on adventure RVs because you do not need to find a vehicle that can tow it because they drive themselves. I have not experienced one up close in person yet but what I have seen online is there are many different layouts and types of motorhomes that come in different sizes depending on your wants and needs for your adventure. I personally do not want a motorhome because if I wanted to keep a vehicle I would have to tow behind (maybe) or one of us would drive the car and the other would drive the motorhome, but if are not worried about having an extra vehicle around this would possibly be your best fit.

In conclusion I personally would recommend using a fifth wheel if you have similar wants and needs as I do.

I’m always researching and learning new things and new ways to go about becoming a full time traveler and I will update accordingly on my blog!

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