Full Time Traveling with Kids

Full time traveling with kids is not impossible!

I know they have school and they will not have any friends, but there are actually many opportunities for these things.

School for your kids can be done a few ways while traveling, traditional home schooling can be an option but, you also can enroll to online schooling which varies by state to state but it is possible. Florida has a program called FLVS which is almost like being in a classroom besides having the distractions of other kids. The student will have a teacher and daily assignments like any other classroom and if they are a fast learner they can advance as they complete their tasks.

I used FLVS for summer school and I was capable of making up 3 classes in just 3 days! It is honestly how I wish I went to school full time.

For programs like this you would have to check with your state requirements.

For socializing, I have read and seen that there are many RVing events all over the country where hundreds of people and their kids. These events are completely made for socializing and sharing their traveling experiences!

Also there are so many people getting into full time traveling and just rving for vacation that unless you’re parked in the middle of nowhere you are bound to meet new people!

I’m truly excited to embark on this journey and I would love to hear about your traveling experiences and would hopefully meet you on our adventures!

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