Traveling Income

I believe most people love to travel or have the opportunity to travel, right!?

I’m currently preparing myself and my family to become full time travelers, but with becoming a full time traveler it takes a few things to get started and survive as a full time traveler.

So I what I think is probably the most important for becoming a full time traveler is income. I have searched across various job search websites, there quite a few jobs you can actively do while traveling. Examples are data entry, survey taking, customer service, and free lancing are all examples of possible jobs to work remotely.

– You can look on websites like Indeed, FlexJobs, and Appen for remote jobs. These are just a few examples of websites you can use.

There are also ways to make income by just simply talking to people or showing people something you enjoy doing, and that is live streaming and you can make enough income to support yourself. I know of a few people that only live stream for a few hours a day and make more than enough and you can do this from anywhere you would like. I honestly think this would be the best route for someone that is a people person.

– There are Apps like MeetMe, LiveMe, and Twitch and many more, where people live stream and make pretty good income. It does take time to build up a steady amount of followers/ clients but is worth it at the end.

Also other ideas for getting into remote freelance type jobs on these links:

I will continue to research other ways to make income remotely and share what I learn. If you know any other way to work remotely I am interested and include when I update this.

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4 thoughts on “Traveling Income

  1. The information in this post could be very useful for me. Being retired I’m looking for a little supplemental income. Mad money I guess.
    And thank you for following my blog, The Life in my Years.

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